Source code for travispy.entities.commit

from ._entity import Entity

[docs]class Commit(Entity): ''' There is no API endpoint for resolving commits, however commit data might be included in other API entities, like :class:`.Build` or :class:`.Job`. :ivar str sha: Commit SHA. :ivar str branch: Branch the commit is on. :ivar str message: Commit message. :ivar str committed_at: Commit date. :ivar str author_name: Author name. :ivar str author_email: Author email. :ivar str committer_name: Committer name. :ivar str committer_email: Committer email. :ivar str compare_url: Link to diff on GitHub. :ivar str tag: Tag name. :ivar int pull_request_number: Pull request number. ''' __slots__ = [ 'sha', 'branch', 'message', 'committed_at', 'author_name', 'author_email', 'committer_name', 'committer_email', 'compare_url', 'tag', 'pull_request_number', ]