Source code for travispy.entities.user

from ._entity import Entity

[docs]class User(Entity): ''' :ivar str login: User login on |github|. :ivar str name: User name on |github|. :ivar str email: Primary email address on |github|. :ivar str gravatar_id: Avatar ID. :ivar bool is_syncing: Whether or not user account is currently being synced. :ivar str synced_at: Last synced at. :ivar bool correct_scopes: Whether or not |github| token has the correct scopes. :ivar str channels: Pusher channels for this user. :ivar str created_at: When account was created. :ivar str locale: User main locale. ''' __slots__ = [ 'login', 'name', 'email', 'gravatar_id', 'is_syncing', 'synced_at', 'correct_scopes', 'channels', 'created_at', 'locale', ]
[docs] def sync (self): ''' Triggers a new sync with GitHub. Might return status 409 if user is currently syncing. :rtype: bool :returns: ``True`` if sync request was send successfuly to |travisci| and response code is 200 ``False`` if a sync is already is progress ''' response = + '/users/sync') return response.status_code == 200